Selasa, 03 Desember 2013


Actually having relationship is normal. It is humanity and we have HAM (Human Right) but better if we prepare our selves and make relationsip at right time.
Because i think now at fact relationship exactly bring bad impact. Example : sex before married at big city like Jakarta, Surabaya, etc has happened. And it happens at many student. Relationship is making love or free sex at their mind.
So that, we must be smart to keep our selves from bad impact. If you feel your relationship bring positif thing, you can ponder it.
What must we do?
If you ask me, better if we think about our school, our study, our dreams, and what you want to reach. It’s better than thinking about relationship that hasn’t been clear, it will continue and he/she will be our mate or not. So, get your dreams, prepare your self, be patient and make healthy relationship at right time and if you have gotten your mate, get married immediately.

Lilis Rusmia

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